About Our School

St. John Vianney Regional School is a welcoming Catholic community dedicated to the highest levels of academic achievement and spiritual well-being for students from preschool through eighth grade. Serving the greater Allentown area of our three parishes, we share a joint commitment with families and individuals of diverse cultures to provide excellence in education, leadership, and life skills – in a safe, caring and respectful environment.

  • St John Vianney Regional School is its own small community, but it is also a vital part of the larger community of home, church, city and nation. Our school and families partner together to encourage appreciation of our diverse world and prepare our students to be good citizens.
  • St John Vianney instills in our students​ a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We provide a Christian learning environment that strives for success — giving each student a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges.
  • The articulation of a faith-centered environment with a quality educational program for St. John Vianney Regional School requires that all educators work collaboratively to design and implement an ever-developing and creative curriculum. According to Catholic tradition, curriculum should encompass the principle of respect, challenge learners to achieve their full potential and contribute to the moral development of all students.

The Academic Program

We provide competitive programs with well-rounded offerings to educate the whole person. The core curriculum is in alignment with state and national standards and is rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition.  In addition to the core curriculum, students participate in enrichment courses.

The music program at SJV offers students a wide variety of avenues to express themselves musically and creatively. The foundation of music education at SJV is audiation, or “musical thinking." Students’ audiation is bolstered by exposure to a rich musical vocabulary and participation in movement-based learning.

At St. John Vianney Regional School, we believe that an education in the arts is essential to the growth and development of our students. The sequential art curriculum for grades K-8 utilizes a concept–based curriculum rooted in the four disciplines: Art production, Art history, Art criticism, Aesthetics

The foreign language curriculum provides exposure to a foreign language for students in 4th through 8th Grade. The curriculum is based on vocabulary, cultural awareness, speaking, reading, and writing skills at each grade level taking into consideration the different levels of competency among the students.


athletics In addition to a number of competitive and intramural sports programs, the SJV CYO program sponsors a variety of activities and events.
Fall Sports

  • Cross Country - All students K through 8th
  • Volleyball - All girls 5th through 8th

Winter Sports

  • Basketball - All students 3rd through 8th
  • Cheerleading - All girls K-8; Diocesan Competition

Spring Sports

  • Volleyball - All students 5th through 8th
  • Softball – Middle School
  • Baseball – Middle School

Special Academic Programing

Students who demonstrate exceptional aptitude may be selected to receive enrichment work from their teacher. Criteria for selection include classroom performance and demonstrated aptitude on standardized assessments. The enrichment lessons will challenge those students to use logic, creativity, reading, writing, and math skills to explore new information. A curriculum that integrates all subject areas is used.

How we support students with learning differences

St. John Vianney Regional School offers the Aquinas Learning Support Program for children with learning disabilities at the elementary and secondary levels. The Aquinas Learning Support Program is unique in its emphasis on learning strategies and study skills to foster independence. An Instructional Plan forms the program's core.

Students who have difficulty in specific areas (through evaluation) are entitled to services from the resource teacher. Whereas students coming from public school may have an “Individualized Education Plan,” (IEP). The resource teacher will provide accommodations with the classroom teacher to provide instructional support or direct instruction.

Our resource teachers always work collaboratively with classroom teachers. That collaboration may take place within the classroom where instructional support is offered, or outside the classroom where individual or small group instruction is provided to assist the student in his/her area of weakness. The goal of the resource teacher is to support the classroom teacher by remediating a student’s specific academic weaknesses and/or helping the student access the regular curriculum.

Affiliated Parishes

  • Cathedral Church of St Catherine of Siena
  • St Francis of Assisi
  • St Paul RC Church
  • Sacred Heart of Allentown
Grade Levels

PK4 to Grade 8


210 North 18th Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104, United States

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Director of Advancement

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Extended Care Hours

Extended Care is offered to the families of St. John Vianney Regional School. The extended care program provides the security of enrolling your child (grades Pre-K through 8) in a unique program designed for before and after school care.

Extended Care is open school days from 6:45am until school starts and from the end of school day until 5:30pm.