About Our School

At Bethlehem Catholic High School, we empower our students to live their faith, embrace learning, serve with compassion and embody integrity.

PURPOSE by being challenged in the classroom and encouraged in their faith.  At BECAHI, students develop their PASSION through robust extracurricular opportunities in athletics, music, performing arts and various clubs and activities.  At BECAHI, we take PRIDE in our rich history, the accomplishments of our students, the commitment of our parents and the dedication of our faculty and staff.

The Arts

  • Theatre program that performs throughout the school year.
    • Fall play
    • Spring musical
    • Student directed partner school Christmas play
  • Spanish, French and German as foreign Languages.
  • Visual Arts courses in Art I Foundational, Art II Intermediate and Art III Advanced, Photography and Digital Art Media, and Studio Art 3D. Independent study course in Art Portfolio.
  • Band/Band Front program that is both curricular and extracurricular in nature
    • Largest marching band in the Diocese of Allentown
  • Music Theory and Music Appreciation courses offered as electives


  • 19 varsity athletic teams that compete in the EPC and PIAA District XI


  • Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Golf, Field Hockey, Girls Volleyball


  • Cheerleading, Wrestling, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball


  • Boys Volleyball, Track and Field, Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Boys Tennis, Baseball, Softball
  • Students can also participate is swimming

Special Academic Programing

  • 12 AP courses – Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Physics I, Spanish Language, Statistics, U.S. Government and Policy, U.S History, World History
  • Elective courses - Holocaust/World Religions, Principles in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, Accounting, Personal Finance, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology and Public Speaking
  • Virtual High School Courses
  • College prep, Honors and AP offerings
  • Dual Enrollment courses with Moravian University in AP Calculus, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB, Calculus, BC, Chemistry
  • Vocational-technical courses available to students in their home district, with competitive academies for students in Medical Sciences or Applied Engineering

How we support students with learning differences

  • Hawk Learning Support Program
  • Our program is a Learning support program for students with a documented learning disability or learning need.
  • Students in the program may have one Learning Support class every day. It is graded and is a credit.
  • In freshman year, the HLS student will defer the start of their language.
  • The program is available for students grades 9-12, with the goal to have each child become an independent learner and thrive in the academic classroom.
  • In the HLS classroom, we assist them in their subject areas, develop study skills, create positive organizational habits, and offer test taking.
  • When we start a student in our program, our department meets with the parents, student, and counselors to create and write a support plan.

We then work as a team with the subject area teachers to implement the supports in the classroom to best serve the student.  The child is not lost—even our SIS allows us to make available to the teachers the students’ diagnoses and support plan when they open their class screen—Being reminded of the needs.

  • We offer small, personalized HLS classes.
  • We have standing desks, with high school size wiggle chairs.
  • We have many extra textbooks and electronic devices.

Connections and Communications

  • The Hawks Learning Support department works closely with the counselors, they are in our meetings, copied on correspondence and also check grades.
  • We are in constant communications with the classroom teachers about our students making sure their needs are being met. Our teachers do a wonderful job at accommodating our HLS students, from preferential seating to providing study guides or modified tests.
  • We email and call parents and keep the lines of communication open. We talk about the successes of your student and the areas that may need more attention.

If a student qualifies for some supports but does not need to be scheduled into a HLS class, then a support plan is written and is overseen by the counselor.  If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Shawn Blasco, Academic Enrichment Coordinator at sblasco@becahi.org.

How we support students with college and career counseling

Dedicated school counselors that work closely with students and parents on the college preparation and admissions process.

  • Students are scheduled for Freshman Seminar classes during their 9th grade year
  • Students take the PSAT starting in 9th, 10th and 11th grade
  • Students are trained on an utilize the Naviance College and Career Readiness program.

Awards and Achievements

  • International student program – SEVP Certification

2133 Madison Avenue, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017, United States

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Josh Tehonica, Director of Admissions

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